When disaster strikes

Chances are slim that disaster strikes and your linear TV channels go off air. Your in-house playout facilities could be damaged by fire or flooding, or even go off air due to conflict. If you are using third party commercial playout facilities, financial conflict is a more likely cause. Even the threat of it you probably want to avoid.

It never happens, does it?

You are probably right. It rarely happens, but, have you ever considered the costs of recovery when it does? Or the costs of being forced into a third-party playout facility contract when there are no alternatives? It is not that difficult to replace hardware when it’s ruined, but it does take time. If you are a commercial broadcaster you cannot afford it. If you are a public broadcaster there are other reasons why continuity can never be at stake.

Cloud backup

The way to mitigate these risks is a cloud-based playout facility that can take over your on-premise playout or third party service provider when needed. Our Backup Cloud Playout Services have been designed to guarantee continuity when disaster strikes, for commercial or national security reasons. Due to its cloud native nature our playout services are always located in geographical regions not affected by whatever disaster has struck. To even further improve reliability, our backup cloud playout services have their own backup themselves.

What risks to mitigate
is up to you

If your Media Asset Management system is also on-premise, it makes sense to include this in your broadcast operation contingency plan. When there are no assets to playout, you would be restricted to only live broadcasts. You can easily include our cloud MAM platform or even our cloud BMS to minimize any continuity risks.

How it works

Our backup cloud playout services are hosted on AWS or Azure to manage one or multiple channels from anywhere in the world, with endpoints anywhere in the world. The platform offers easy access and apart from a regular pc or laptop, no hardware is needed. Using manual processes, assets can be easily uploaded and playlists can be manipulated. A more advanced setup with our cloud based MAM or BMS allows for more automated processes.

Costs versus benefits

Our platform does not require capital investments. We offer subscriptions that are designed in such a way that you can easily add more channels when needed, or take them out when wanted. We offer full flexibility. If you ever have problems and have to switch over to our backup facilities, then obviously the benefits are clear. If you do, continuity is guaranteed without breaking the bank.

One step further

There is an even smarter way to use our backup cloud playout facilities. That is to use it as primary playout facility. We offer a full Channel in the Cloud platform that includes playout, and can include cloud MAM and cloud BMS as well. No investments needed and fully operational in weeks. Back-up facilities can be activated more easily than before.