No more huge investments
in linear tv

Not even that many years ago, it was not possible to run a tv channel without substantial investments in best of breed monolithic
solutions brought to you by large media vendors. It all improved slightly by service providers offering playout services and media management.
However, with declining revenues for broadcasters, even that option seems less and less viable.

Commoditizing core
broadcast processes

For some reason, IT solutions for broadcasters have always been sold at a premium fee, as both broadcasters and vendors considered them to be core processes to any broadcast operation.
Now with content being distributed and monetized across a multitude of channels, opinions seem to change. IT Solutions used to create, process and distribute content are considered to be supporting processes. They need to be acquired as cheaply as possible, making available more budget for content creation and creativity.

Channel in a box without
capital investments

Airing a tv channel or running an on-demand platform is not rocket science, and its tools should not be priced as such anymore. Our Channel in a Box platform caters to media companies’ wishes to no longer pay premiums to media IT vendors or service providers. We offer you tools to take matters into your own hands without capital investments.

All tools needed to run
a linear channel or
on-demand platform

Remember when you had to go to one vendor for a MAM, to another for ATS, to yet another for Playout, or that you had to hire
expensive service providers? No need for that anymore. Our Channel in a Box is an integrated platform with MAM, BMS, promo scheduling, ATS, ad-insertion, playout, OTT and more. Configuration and training is done remotely and in a few days and we do not need to fly over expensive consultants. You just pay for functionality you want to use and we activate it. As all functional components are on the same platform, there is no need for integrations, saving you hefty integration charges.

95% of all functionality
you can think of at 10%
of the price

Does a million dollar MAM system have more functionality than our integrated Channel in a Box MAM system has? Sure it does. Do you need that extra 5% functionality and are you prepared to pay for it? If the answer is no, our Channel in a Box and its workflow is for you.

Channel in the cloud

Taking it one step further, you can also completely run your channel or on-demand service in the cloud. No hardware needed anymore, no expensive IT staff. Implementing a cloud linear channel or on-demand service is even easier than implementing a Channel in a Box. Do you have a laptop or a PC? Then you have enough equipment in-house to operate a full linear tv channel or on-demand service.

Keeping your
margins healthy

We believe in commoditization of content delivery chains. You should be able to monetize your content as quickly as possible. Costs for guiding your content through creation, managing and distribution should be as low as possible. That in itself will help you maintain healthy profit margins or will allow you to create better content than your competitors. Our Channel in a Box or Channel in the Cloud Solutions are subscription based, preventing costly upfront investments.