Linear tv needs innovations

Retail, education and banking are not considered to be the most innovative industries but they are adopting cloud technologies faster than linear television broadcasters. Traditional media companies that stand to gain the most from embracing these technologies are the very ones that suffer from slow adaptation rates.

Legacy monolithic
playout automation

Many still feel playout and Media Asset Management requires expensive hardware on-site, driven by monolithic software solutions that need to be integrated with other monolithic software solutions, at premium rates. This comes at a price: huge capital investments, hard to find trained technical staff, and implementation projects that take months.

A new playout solution
with no capital investments

In an industry with declining ad revenues and heavy competition from on-demand digital platforms, you need to lower capital investments and operational costs, while being flexible and moving faster. This is exactly what our Channel in the Cloud platform offers you.

Channel in the cloud
allows you to
be content centric

Our Channel in the Cloud is a balanced hybrid operational playout solution for linear television broadcasters. What it means, is that you are fully in charge of processes that relate directly to your content. While not being bothered anymore with on-site hardware, hard to comprehend software or anything related to this, your organization will become content centric and will be able to adapt more rapidly to the changing market conditions.

How channel in
the cloud works

Your playout can be handled by our Channel in the Cloud platform.
It is equipped with all relevant playout features and can manage an unlimited number of channels, anywhere in the world. One setup will allow you to manage one or more channels in your region, or one or more localized channels in multiple regions. All, using AWS, Azure, or other cloud services.

You can focus on
monetizing your content

You will want to be in control of how to monetize your content. That is why our cloud platform works with any scheduling tool/BMS you might use or prefer. For last minute changes, you can make changes to the playlist itself, just like you would when using an on-site playout system.
The cloud platform of course also creates as-run reconciliation reports.
If you currently do not have a scheduling system or are looking to replace one, we can offer this as part of the total cloud solution too.

Keep control of
your assets

Focusing on your key process does not only mean finding ways to monetize your content in the most profitable way, it also means being in control of your media assets. Our platform integrates with any MAM system out there, cloud native or on-premise. Workflow automation can be used to move files from MAM to playout. If you currently do not have a media asset management system or are thinking about replacing one, we can offer you a cloud MAM system as part of the total cloud solution.

Run an multi-channel
organisation with
just a few staff

You can run all your channels with just a handful of creative and commercial staff. You just need to monitor the cloud-based systems, or let us do that for you. These solutions have been designed for linear broadcasters who are facing a new reality and who see the echnical setup of their operations not as a key process but as a supporting process that should require no capital investments.

What does this
mean for you

A full cloud-based solution for your Playout, MAM and BMS means the ability to scale up and down very rapidly and to introduce linear channels in new regions when there are commercial opportunities or terminate them when these disappear. You can even set up temporary channels in a matter of hours. Our solutions are subscription based, no capital investment needed.