Quality content, faster

Today’s content buyers and distributors are dealing with ever more aggressive competitors, fighting for content consumers who are more and more used to high quality content at reasonable prices. Stakes are high and nobody can afford to wait long for a series, movie or documentary they commissioned.

under pressure

If you are shooting a daily production with tight deadlines and handle 100,000 euro worth of material per shooting day, you want to make sure this material is secured and quickly distributed to post-production teams located anywhere in the world for swift processing.

Cloud based collaboration
for production teams

The way to save time is to work in parallel as much as possible, preferably even using time differences between continents, and to come up with different ways to look at existing processes. Our Cloud Based Collaboration platform has the answers.

It starts with securing
your assets

Your dailies are your assets. So whatever you do, you need to secure these first as you are dealing with very large files and a lot can go wrong between the initial backup and the final ingest. For security purposes, we calculate a checksum during backup. If original material is modified, we will warn you.

Smart new workflow
that make a difference

As part of the ingest process of your dailies, we automatically take care of audio synchronisation and colour correction (LUT processing). More importantly, we cracked the challenge of automatically cutting shots into scenes. This means that after the platform ingested the material, shots are correctly sorted per scene.

Creating a virtual edit

Artificial Intelligence is used to analyse scripts and detect scenes.
Thousands of clips can then be automatically sorted into episodes, in just a few seconds, eliminating time consuming human processing. Relevant meta data is imported and processed as well, and producers can add comments and shots that need to be used for editing.

Pre-editing for
documentary filming

A slightly different workflow can be used for non-scripted content such as documentaries. Using speech to text AI technology, the platform can transcribe all interviews in a matter of minutes. Based on the transcript, the director can make a pre-edit by marking relevant texts.

Remote editing

The relevant shots linked to the marked text, or other shots that have been marked during the virtual editing process will be made available for download in a quality of choice to an editor, wherever he is located, for further processing using the editing software of his choice. Only the needed segments are made available, saving bandwidth and storage capacity

Not just
faster time to market

All these smart process improvements using a combination of AI and other technology save lots of time, especially if you truly use the power of distributed teams across different time zones. But these are not the only benefits. Traditionally, production information is kept in emails or individual documents being sent back and forth between team members and in the brains of staff or freelancers. Making them lost forever when they leave. Now that we have captured all this information and knowledge in our platform, it is centralized and
available constantly to whoever needs to have access to it.

30% savings
on offline editing budget

Producers that applied these improvements in their Television Series production report saving at least 30% when it comes to their offline editing budget. Due to improved process control, directors and editors diagnose technical or editorial issues much faster. Making it much easier to solve production problems and improve the quality of the end result.