Protect your company from declining revenues

Worldwide linear broadcast advertising revenues are in decline. The rate is about 3 percent per year, and growing. Broadcasters wanting to avoid being marginalized should take action now.

Consolidating, expanding product portfolios, saving costs. In theory this works. In reality it is rather hard to work efficiently when staff faces a myriad of legacy systems from suppliers who all want to sell you their premium products. To work efficiently, to distribute more content or to save costs doing so you need a full end to end workflow.

Dronyc Broadcasts can help you. We are offering a full end-to-end workflow broadcast system, designed to help broadcasters who do not have BBC budgets. With MAM, scheduling, airtime sales, non-linear, ad insertion, newsroom, playout and more. Use it as a whole end-to-end system, or use parts of it to integrate with current systems.

How it works

Together with our partners we offer broadcasters a Media Asset Management system (MAM), pre-installed on our integrated platform. This MAM is just one of many building blocks. Others are de-activated, but are already present on the platform: Airtime Sales (ATS), Ad-Insertion, Rights Management, Program Scheduling, Promo Scheduling, Playout, Newsroom and more.

When you require some of this additional functionality, you just tell us and we activate the applicable functionality/building block for you. Remember the days when your supplier needed to build integrations with other suppliers and presented you with the bill? They are gone.

Not only does our Channel In A Box system save you license fees and hefty bills for professional integration services, it also allows you to add new functionalities in a matter of hours instead of months. Moreover, due to the integrated nature of all functional components, last minute changes during live broadcasts are more easily managed - with less staff.

How you
can benefit too

Our Broadcast Solutions have been used by over 200 broadcasters in 40 countries with one thing in common: they are all trying to make their companies as professional and efficient as possible, adding new revenue streams to their operation, without being able to spend BBC budgets. Dronyc offers perpetual licenses to those wanting to invest and subscription licenses to companies who do not have capex budgets available. All training and installation is executed remotely, and our international helpdesk is available at all times.

Want to try our licenses for free? Contact us and let us show you how our end-to-end broadcast workflow solution will reduce your operational costs and will allow you to generate more revenues with your current staff. And how you can acquire it without breaking the bank. Send us a message: info@dronyc.nl

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