Optimize your processes and gain efficiency

If you fail to innovate and take the market lead, your competitors will do so. If no one in your industry innovates, then a start up will come up with a disrupting innovation. New product ideas give you a first mover’s advantage that allow you to get big margins on new products. And it’s not just about products or services

Qualified IT Staff Added to Your Team

When innovation means developing new software products to sell or to improve your internal processes, you are probably faced with a challenge. Your teams do not sit around waiting until someone asks them to start working on a new software module to sell or a new software tool. They have their regular work. Getting new staff in for innovative projects is a challenge. Qualified IT staff is hard to find, and the average hire costs 52,500 euro in terms of recruitment and training costs and costs for not (yet) being productive.

Get a 700 hr project done for the price of recruiting and training 1 hire

Dronyc Builds has 73 qualified staff available for your IT projects, and has over 23 years of experience building innovative IT solutions for companies in finance, banking, insurance, government, industry and other verticals. We can build the product that will allow you to take the market lead, we can make that worfklow system that will increase your staff’s efficiency by double digit percentages. We can rewrite that software that was developed 20 years ago. We immerse ourselves in your company and what you try to achieve. And we will be your temporary 1- to 50-man innovation department.

Our Off-Site
Innovation Team

It is not that different from how you would normally tackle a new innovation project. The main difference is: our IT innovation team will not be on-site and will not claim valuable office space and resources.

Get Consulting,
Developing or Testing

Our services range from Business Consulting to Developing and Testing. If you want to go for these full scope of services, fine. If you just want us to build, fine too. We adjust our teams and our offering to what makes most sense to you.

Beat your competition with Dronyc Builds

Time to market. Many software vendors we have worked with have struggled making innovative changes to the products they were selling. Their development teams always seemed to be pre-occupied by serving the current customers, fixing bugs and other issues. Hardly any resources are left to deal with product innovations. Dronyc Builds allows you to beat your competition by building innovate new additions to current products, or new modules, in a short timeframe. Without interrupting regular operations. Generate new revenues from your new products, before your older products are not being sold anymore.

Let’s have a chat

Let’s have a chat. Send a message to info@dronyc.nl. Tell us what you think. Let us advice you. No obligations. No charges.

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