You need to be real fenced against cyber attacks

According to the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy, companies and government agencies are not prepared enough against cyber attacks.  Although lots has been done to prevent attacks from happening companies, and government bodies do not know how to respond. The average estimated cost of a cyberattack in 2018 was just short of 1 million euro. A year before, it was just over 600,000 euro. In most cases, a cyber attack causes productivity loss, and more importantly, in 80% of the cases the attack damages the company’s public image or reputation.

As much as 93% of all companies have been attacked, and as much as 1 out of every 5 companies are attacked on a daily basis. Others are assailed multiple times per year. Plus, the numbers are on increasing. While threat actors only have to be successful once, organizations must be successful in their attack mitigation 100% of the time.

Cybercrime pays. We can’t change a criminal’s mind, but we can make sure they look elsewhere.

Our protection service helps you save 1 million euro per cyber attack

Dronyc Protects offers security guards to protect your business and your reputation. That’s right: real people will guard your fences 24 hours per day. Of course they will use the latest technology. They will monitor your fences: your systems. They will detect when an attack is about to happen, they will inform you immediately and tell you what do do about it. Dronyc Protects is not just an army fighting against your enemy, they are also Peace Keepers. Your servers can go down for all kinds of non-malignant reasons causing a disruption of your services or potential security risk. Our team will detect these too, inform you and let you take action.

Don’t be a statistic. Let us help you save almost 1 million per attack and follow the lead of several banks and financial institutions before you.

Get a valuable advice on your security

Dronyc Protects does not only save you money when you are under attack. Although this is reason enough to use our services, our services extend to way more. We have top-industry experts working for us who can give you valuable advice on your company’s IT security, and how to improve it dramatically. We can even organize a fake-attack to find out your security vulnerabilities for you.

Let’s talk

Let’s have a chat on how you can prevent being one of those companies that ends up in the press for not protecting your IT infrastructure. Our first advice is always for free! Send a message to info@dronyc.nl

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