Find and fix problems and deficiencies

Software developers make 100 to 150 errors for every thousand lines of code. Even if only a small fraction—say 10 percent—of these errors are serious, then a relatively small application of 20,000 lines of code will have roughly 200 serious coding errors. In 2018, the 600 most widely publicized software failures caused 1500 billion euro in financial losses. Bug-ridden software will cost you money: from loss in workflow efficiency, to loosing customers.

The key strategy for reducing the cost of poor software quality is to find and fix problems and deficiencies as close to the source as possible, or better yet, prevent them from happening in the first place. Continuously, ensuring quality will always cost less than ignoring quality. There are 21 million skilled software developers worldwide, and on average each of them spend about 25% of their time on debugging software. In Western-Europe that means at least 15,000 euro per software developer.

Save 12,000 euro per
software developer a year

Dronyc Tests lets your developers do what they do best while we take over testing and quality assurance. Our 150 Specialists have successfully executed over 17,000 projects in the last 16 years. We take over your testing and quality assurance procedures, reducing associated costs to about 25% of what they would be if you were to do it yourself. It improves your software quality and it saves you money. More importantly: it lets your developers spend more time on developing, improving your time to market significantly, and it allows you to work with less developers.

Our experts understand what you do. We have experience in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Energy and Utilities, and Manufacturing and Government.

To be as cost-efficient as possible, we always advise to already give us a call as you are still in the analysis phase, before a line of code has been written. Experience shows that it saves you the most time and money. But it is of course possible to use our services only during later phases.

Neutrality and Independence

Apart from the time to market advantages and your cost savings, there are several additional advantages when you use our Dronyc Tests services. Neutrality is one of them. It makes sense to have your software tested by staff that acts completely independent, and that has nothing to gain or loose if testing yields positive or negative results.

Quality: Dronyc Tests’ 150 staff do nothing else than testing. Their level of expertise is unparalleled, and that shows in the result. Several government agencies and financial institutions have used our services.

Let’s talk

We are very interested in talking with you and hearing about your plans. We would be happy to suggest to you how we can improve your SQA procedures for you. No obligations of course, and no charge. Send a message to info@dronyc.nl

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