It is not relevant where
your content is

The modern content delivery chain does not care where content is stored.
It may be on local MAMs in three different countries, in a cloud environment, a hybrid environment and stored in a myriad of technical formats. It is all not that relevant.

What matters is that you should be able to find content whenever you need it for an editorial process or when you want to monetize
it by distribution to whatever the channel of your choice is:
linear, on-demand, social media and all channels that are yet to be invented.

The first
true global mam system

Our Solution finds all your content wherever it is located, in whatever format. We consider this to be the first true Global MAM.
It is designed in such a way that it not only has its own storage capacity in a private cloud environment dedicated for you, it also
integrates with all the MAM systems you might have anywhere in the world. So, you don’t need to replace any of them if you don’t
want to. But you might, if you prefer to store your content in our cloud environment.

Smart tagging

To be able to find content, you need to have stored it in a correct way. We index all your assets. Not only assets that you stored in our cloud environment but also assets that are on your existing MAMs.

Adding the right metadata to media files and assets is often still a manual process. We have tried and succeeded in making this process as automated as possible for you. The platform detects all properties in your media and makes them available as tags and filters in the library. It also uses AI tools that transcribe all content and filter out relevant keywords for indexing as well as recognizes faces and their emotions, objects and logos.

If you want to
monetize your assets
you need to find them first

All this technical and content related metadata is available automatically without any human interference. The human operator is still there but his work is limited to checking the AI made suggestions and improving them where needed.

This metadata makes that the content that you store in our cloud environment can be retrieved when you need to use it. Our integrations with other existing MAMs you might have lets us index those assets as well. All your assets, anywhere, can be found back for monetization.

Collaborating and
distributing your content

Your colleagues anywhere in the world can access your content stored anywhere when you share it with them, transcoded to a format that is useful to them. They can leave time-stamped comments if they want or pre-cut clips. And your editors in edit suites anywhere in the world can download in high quality media specific segments they want to work on. And upload after they are done, always keeping the right link to all files and right metadata, and tracking versioning. Using Dropbox or WeTransfer is a thing of the past! And when products are finalized, they can be sent to the distribution channel of your choice in the needed format.