Distribute lots of
content temporarily

In some cases, you just need to put lots of content out there really fast.
Sometimes it is just not enough to have a few timeslots available to tell your story. You need a whole linear channel, or 20 of them, or 10 of them in 20 countries. You need them now and you want to get rid of them after one month.

infrastructure is
too rigid

Going the traditional route will be too expensive or too time consuming, or both. Traditional infrastructures are built for traditional TV channels. Scaling up or down quickly is not what they were designed to do. These infrastructures were built for solid, structured processes and a long-term commitment, and for a good reason.

Pop-up channels platform

The solution is our Pop-Up Channels platform. This cloud native platform allows you to set up multiple channels for multiple regions in a matter of hours. As events requiring pop-up channels are often live events, our platform allows you to easily manage a live feed and allows for manual playlist manipulation for airing pre-recorded segments that have been uploaded to our integrated MAM.

Integrating with
other systems

Due to the temporary nature of pop-up channels, our Pop-Up channel platform requires very little integration and can operate as stand alone. Although we can support it, we do not recommend integrating with a BMS system or an external MAM. There is no need for it and it makes the implementation process more complicated and expensive. Running pop-up channels is, in a way, going back to how TV used to be made, but the tools are just more advanced.

For who

Our pop-up television channel cloud platform is for broadcasters or corporates who need a fast and cost-efficient way to reach out to many people in one or multiple countries and have a limited time frame to do so. The platform can service any country in the world, from any country in the world. It is easy to use without much technical knowledge, but if you need temporary operators; we can take care of that too.

Going one step further

The pop-up channel platform is cloud native and can be up-scaled or down-scaled rapidly. The platform uses the same infrastructure
as our Channel in the Cloud offering. If you want to run multiple channels, in multiple countries, in an affordable way permanently,
then you might want to consider our Channel in the Cloud solution, offering the same flexibility at even lower pricing.

Limited costs and

To operate our pop-up channels, you do not need an upfront investment other than some implementation costs. Pricing is based on how long you need the channel or channels. When your event is over, costs are terminated as well. Our platform is extremely scalable and its options are flexible. For example, you can create one general channel to be distributed in multiple regions or one channel to be localized on our platform and distributed to multiple regions, or many channels. It is completely up to you and can be operational in weeks or days.