Online editing – the
unfulfilled promise

It has been possible for years now: Online editing. Online editing tools are possibly a bit basic, but it has been a post-production revolution. Or has it?

Many professional editors feel differently. Imitation browser-based editing tools lack elementary functionality and the editing experience in itself only really works if there is low latency. Which means using low quality proxies or streamed proxies.

Editors want to use professional editing software such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier or Davinci Resolve. In general, they want to manipulate high-quality video. You don’t want to limit their creative process or efficiency.

True high res
remote editing

Our Remote Editing Platform is the solution. We have designed our solution with an efficient process and maximum creativity in mind. Production teams can work together with editors anywhere in the world who can use their editing software of choice in high-quality video, to create the best content.

It starts with ingest

We believe efficient post-production starts with an efficient ingest.
Backing up source material, adding audio, colour correction.
Creating proxies for review used to be a time-consuming, manual process that required staff and an offline edit suite.

Our Platform has changed that. Using Artificial Intelligence, synchronization and grouping clips takes no more than seconds.

Creating pre-cuts

When source material is uploaded from the production location onto our private cloud MAM using our AI driven ingest procedures, a pre-cut can be made on that very platform.

Utilizing this pre-cut, the platform will download only relevant media and associated metadata to local storage.
Using edit proxies in a quality of choice for editing with the editor’s preferred editing software.

Sharing intermediary
for review

When the editor is happy with the first cut, the process of sharing it with the team for review could not be easier. Just upload the bin to our cloud MAM, and the platform will take care of relinking. The configured workflow engine can take care of informing the right team members, requesting their approval for the cut.

Remote vfx, grading
and sound editing

It does not need to stop here. Similar workflows can be initiated after or even during edits. You probably want to prevent setting up duplicated folder structures for each subsequent post-production phase. With our cloud-based MAM, you do not need to.

Share specific collections

Your Production Manager can make available parts of the materials for specific purposes, with specific permissions: play, comment, approve, download and re-upload. So the sound engineer can only download a copy of the material he needs to work on, and re-upload the rendered version or just the sound.

Keep track of
everything, all the time

Our cloud-based MAM is all about control, a shorter time to market
as well as quality. As a production manager you make available only the material your post-production teams need to work with. And you give them maximum flexibility to create their art using their tools, in the quality they prefer to work with. Our platform re-links material when needed, and keeps track of who is doing what, initiating next steps in the workflow if you choose to automate that.

Maximize creativity, minimize costs for bandwidth, storage, edit suites and remote teams. Monetize your content faster by getting your
finished content a lot faster to your audience by the distribution channel of choice.