Working with the best
talent anywhere

People work across different time zones on multiple projects at the same time.
A lot of interaction between teams is needed in order to meet deadlines. Time to market has dropped dramatically, monetization needs to happen fast. No delays, no time to lose.

The reality is people like to use siloed tools, software that they have grown accustomed to and that lets them work fast and create the best edits, the best graphics and the best content.

The problem with
siloed tools

The problem is: how do they share this content with others to give their stamp of approval? Or with others to continue working on? To review? To add graphics? Using Dropbox, sending emails back and forth while also sending short comments by Slack is a potential way. However, if you tried this, you will have probably found out that it is hard to keep track of who is now actually working on what, what the status is of post-production or what the last version is the customer needs to review.

The solution is a
collaboration platform

Our Online Sharing & Collaboration Platform solves this. Your staff should continue to work with tools they prefer. They should not have to think about the right version in the right technical format, and who needs to approve what and when. We have solved this by creating a video content collaboration platform with an impressive editorial workflow engine.

How does it work

Your teams, located anywhere, upload finished work or work in progress to our highly secured private cloud environment. They do not
need to worry about the technical format, the Platform will transcode to any other format when needed. You can review the work, and when approved a link can be automatically sent to the customer for review. During the review process the reviewer can add time coded comments and the workflow engine automatically sends a message to the editor so that he can fix the edit and submit it again.

Eliminating inefficient

No need to use email or Slack for talking about the project to team members, wherever they are. Communication can take place by using threaded replies in the project itself so that everybody can keep track of what has been discussed. Hashtags are used for easy tagging of content. The workflow engine will take care of sending notifications to team members or customers anywhere, whenever their cooperation is required.

Sending your finished
work anywhere, in
any format

Our Collaboration Platform is not only good at letting your teams collaborate, it is also a highly advanced technical platform with full
MAM functionality. Content can be stored in any technical format and can be transcoded to and from a wide variety of commonly used technical formats. Our platform is distribution channel agnostic. Which means that finished content can be sent to any distribution channel: social media channels, CMS systems, on-demand platforms or linear tv platforms.

knowledge secured

Finished work, rough cuts and all source material can be kept without any limitation on your Collaboration Platform, highly secured. Additional metadata allows you to retrieve your project or contents back, and is not only in the heads of people who worked on the project. It is created by automated tagging of content, for example by transcribing spoken word into text and tags. When staff leave your organization, their knowledge of your projects and contents does not leave with them.

Why you should want it

The biggest advantage our customers experience is a faster time to market. Efficiency improvements can be impressive. Our Platform allows all your team members to focus on what they are good at, and no time is lost to share their finished work. No time is lost either searching for the right version of an edit, graphics or other content. Version control keeps track of this.

Our Collaboration Platform makes it much easier to handle any project far more efficiently, handle more projects at the same time, and let you monetize your content faster than ever. Monetize content faster, do more projects, and keep your knowledge secured in your organization.